Ocypete the Harpie

Once a year Ocypete the Harpie visits her sister in Marbella.

Harpies first appeared in Greek mythology and seemed to personify ill winds and malign powers. They were sent by Zeus to punish those who had displeased him, they tormented and snatched away the unweary and stole and soiled the food at feasts and banquets. Harpies were also the guardians of the underworld. Ocypete was the swiftest of the harpies, but even she occasionally needed time off to visit family on the Med…… I’ve made quite a few pieces around the idea of waiting for public transport. I like to depict the contemplative stasis created by these situations, the air of tumbleweed... I must have started making pieces like this before we all had phones to gaze at!

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